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Advanced Technology Center - CNC Tooling

Employing the Microhone® CNC Tooling and Abrasive System in an agile environment also allows for a greater gauge of quality and the opportunity to test processes for their ability to meet customer expectations for the finished component.

The Bates Advanced Technologies Center provides manufacturers with testing, documentation and the statistical data needed to meet job specifications. The end product of testing is a series of formal reports utilizing “Six Sigma” methodologies that document the kind of measured results customers can achieve and a blueprint of how to get there.

Advanced Technologies Center Details

PAT Incometer | CNC Honeywell | CNC Tooling

A PAT Incometer shows the roundness and straightness (cylindricity) of a bore down to 2.5 microns or 100 millionths of an inch.

Surface Profile Equipmnet | CNC Tooling

Surface Profile Equipment measures at the micron level and provides documentation of the surface of a component to reveal irregularities.

Scanning Electron Microscope | SEM | Microhone | CNC Tooling

A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is used to give an accurate topographical picture of the finish, revealing scratches in the bore. The statistical readings that accompany these pictures determine whether the current process is meeting or exceeding the customers requirements.


Honing Service | Cylindricity & Honing Process Studies

Bates Capabilities


Honing AbrasivesEngineered to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.


Mandrels & Tooling

Mandrels & ToolingDesigned on state-of- the-art CAD and CAE systems using advanced technologies to ensure optimum performance.


CNC Microhone System

CNC HoningProven superior in a variety of applications, achieving Six Sigma quality levels.


At Bates Technologies, you will can find a core product line of honing stones, honing machine tools, mandrel tools, CMC honing equipment and commercial honing products. We also provide superabrasive honing products and mandrel tools for air-gage-monitored honing systems and honing machines from Sunnen, Accu-Cut, Barnes, Delapena, Engis, Fuji, Gehring, Superior, Micromatic and other renowned brands. Our honing stones, honing tools and honing machine products are engineered and manufactured to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.

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