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Hone Tools, Honing Stones, Hone Mandrels, Honing Abrasives and Honing Products - Bates Technologies

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Bates Capabilities

Diamond Electroplated Hone Stones and Honing Products - Bates Technologies

Engineered to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.


Hone Tools Mandrels, Mandrels and Tooling - Bates Technologies

Designed on state-of- the-art CAD and CAE systems using advanced technologies to ensure optimum performance.

CNC Air Gage Hone, CNC Honing Tools and CNC Systems - Bates Technologies

Proven superior in a variety of applications, achieving Six Sigma quality levels.


At Bates Technologies, you will can find a core product line of honing stones, honing machine tools, mandrel tools, CMC honing equipment and commercial honing products. We also provide superabrasive honing products and mandrel tools for air-gage-monitored honing systems and honing machines from Sunnen, Accu-Cut, Barnes, Delapena, Engis, Fuji, Gehring, Superior, Micromatic and other renowned brands. Our honing stones, honing tools and honing machine products are engineered and manufactured to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.

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