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Mandrels and Tooling for Sunnen Honing Machines

Production Style Tooling for Sunnen Machines -- Bates Provides a Quality Alternative to Traditional Sunnen Honing Stones

A world leader in honing technology, Bates Technologies engineers quality and competitively priced honing stones for virtually every honing machine on the market.

Bates superabrasive honing stones have a proven record of operational success in small shops and large plants worldwide. Highly regarded for their ease of use and long-term durability, the Bates stones have become a superior alternative to traditional honing stones. The stones are created of metal bonded diamond or cubic boron nitrate (CBN) to achieve sound results on a variety of materials, including cast iron, carbide, steel, chrome, ceramic, and alloys.

Production Honing Stones -- Unique Bonding Yields Industry's Longest Life Products

Engineered to specification for all types of honing machines, Bates Technologies' Microhone® stones and tooling have produced startling results machining production parts in cast iron, steel, alloys, ceramic, and nearly every other type of material.
Created of diamond or cubic boron nitrates, Bates' superabrasive stones are regarded for their superior cutting action, fast stock removal, more consistent finishes, and greater accuracy. The result of a unique bonding process, Bates stones and tooling yield tremendous accuracy and consistency, and are capable of finishing thousands of parts with few rejections.

Bates engineers and technicians assist customers on production processes from beginning to end, from planning the initial application to fine-tuning production. Technicians ensure consistency, quality control, and overall cost efficiency.

Engine Block and Connecting Rod Stones

Stones of every size and variety are designed for both original engine manufactures and remanufactured engine blocks. These include small gas engines, large diesel truck engines, and car automotive engines.

Promatic® Hone -- Promatic® Hone Brings Efficiency to Engine Block Operations

The Bates Technologies line of ProMatic® Production Hones are created for use in Rottler, Sunnen, CK, CU and SV machines to bring original equipment manufacturing to the remanufacturing industry. Designed specifically for larger bores, the ProMatic® Production Hones has proven to successfully decrease cycle times, improve bore geometry and bring overall efficiency to engine block operations, small gas engines, large diesel truck engines, automotive engines, gears, bushings and much more.

Bates Technologies’ line of honing stones for use in Sunnen machines includes:

  • Standard B, BP, BL stones
  • Production style tooling for Sunnen machines
  • Engine block stones and tooling
    • Promatic tools
    • Connecting rods
  • Tube honing stones
  • Special mounted stones

Mandrels And Tooling For Sunnen | Bore Honing Stones - Bates Technologies


Bates Capabilities


Honing AbrasivesEngineered to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.


Mandrels & Tooling

Mandrels & ToolingDesigned on state-of- the-art CAD and CAE systems using advanced technologies to ensure optimum performance.


CNC Microhone System

CNC HoningProven superior in a variety of applications, achieving Six Sigma quality levels.


At Bates Technologies, you will can find a core product line of honing stones, honing machine tools, mandrel tools, CMC honing equipment and commercial honing products. We also provide superabrasive honing products and mandrel tools for air-gage-monitored honing systems and honing machines from Sunnen, Accu-Cut, Barnes, Delapena, Engis, Fuji, Gehring, Superior, Micromatic and other renowned brands. Our honing stones, honing tools and honing machine products are engineered and manufactured to optimize the performance of a variety of finishing processes.

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